Ceramic sanitary ware

Ceramic sanitary ware

Modern firing technology for each ceramic.

  • Shuttle kilns
  • Tunnel kilns
  • Laboratory kilns
  • High temperature kilns
  • Special solutions

Complete equipment from forming processes, drying, sorting and technological solutions, raw materials and additives.

High quality of zircon clouding products like „Kreutzonit“ are a guarantee for top qualities.

Grinding balls and linings are of top quality, of the leading manufacturer of the world.Plaster produced by SG Formula, in different qualities assure a perfect plastermodel and guarantee 2 castings  within 24 hours and approx. 100 castings in total.

We offer a wide range of products for all sectors of the ceramic industry.

System solutions through expertise in chemistry & ceramics, deflocculants; glaze binders a.s.o.  belonging to a range of products.

  • Cold cure resins of RECKLI Chemische Werke
  • For moulding and modelling
  • Unfilled and filled pourable resins
  • Silicone rubber compositions
  • Wax for modeling
  • Cleaning products, supporting mass
  • Adhesive paste